Our Welcome Folder


Breakfast is served between 8am and 9am.


Evening meals are usually served at 7pm.

If you wish to have an evening meal with us please let us know at breakfast.


Drinks may be purchased until 11.00pm. A full list is displayed in folders in the bedrooms and in the lounge. To order drinks ring the bell in the reception area, by the payphone.


Packed Lunches

Packed lunches can be made to take out with you for £4.00 per person. This consists of sandwiches, crisps, a biscuit and a piece of fruit. Flasks can also be filled. Please ask, if possible the night before.



It is illegal to smoke in the building.

Please remember that you are sharing our home, we ask that you do not smoke in any part of the
building or garden, including on the balconies. Thank you.

Check out

Please check out by 10.30 to allow us to prepare the room for our next guests.


We accept cash, cheques and most major credit and debit cards (excluding American Express cards).

If possible we will take an online payment.


Please note our laundry policy. For longer staying guests, bedding and towels will be changed after 4 days unless you ask for them to be changed more frequently.


To try and reduce energy costs for laundering towels, we provide bath towels. If you would prefer a larger sized bath sheet please ask.


An iron and ironing board are available on request.

Looking after the environment is important to us, please help by not wasting water and by switching off lights and the TV (not just on stand-by) when they are not needed. Try and leave recyclables near the room bin rather than in it.

If you need any assistance or any further information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Just ring the bell in the reception area by the payphone.

In an emergency during the night ring the bell next to room 6 on the first floor.


Please make sure that you are familiar with the fire procedures.

If you think we have got something wrong, please let us know so we can try to put it right

Our Covid 19 Risk Assessment outcomes



We will send a pre-arrival email outlining the following:


  • Please give us an expected arrival time, and try to arrive within 30 minutes of this if possible. This will ensure we can spread out guests arriving. If there is a problem give us a call or text.

  • Most of the local pubs and restaurants need you to pre-book a table for food and will not serve you alcohol if you are not eating. More information can be found here. food-and-drink

  •  If you wish to eat at Gable Lodge on the evening of arrival, please call or email 24 hours before to get the menu for that night and order your choices.

  • If you feel ill on the day you are due to arrive DO NOT CHECK IN but PLEASE LET US KNOW as soon as possible and before 9pm. We will be able to rearrange your stay for later in the year.

  • If you are taken ill while staying with us you must LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY and then follow all up to date GOV.UK guidelines. Gov.uk

  • If you are contacted by Test and Trace and told you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID 19, you must self isolate following all government guidelines. DO NOT check in with us but please LET US KNOW you are unable to stay.



  • Guest arrival times will be spread out, helped by reducing occupancy levels by 33%.

  • Guests will be welcomed at the front door, we will then stand back to allow them to come into the hall.

  • All guests are required to wear a face covering on arrival and at all times in the hall and stairs area.

  • Guests will be asked to use the hand sanitiser in the hall.

  • If help with luggage is needed, please leave this in the hall for us to carry to your room.

  • The lounge is currently being used as a second dining room, all books, maps, dvds etc will not be available for use by guests.

  • The leaflets in the hall may be taken, but should not be returned to the holder.


  • We will clean one room at a time and wash our hands/change our cleaning cloths between rooms.

  • We will not enter any bedroom to clean if the guests are in the room.

  • Extra care with cleaning will involve wiping all touch points such as, light switches, bannisters, handles etc with a bleach based cleaner.

  • The consumables in guest rooms such as, teas, coffees etc will be fully replaced between guests.

  • Bedroom windows will be opened during cleaning. Please advise if you do not want your window left open.

  • All crockery and cutlery in the room will be washed in the dishwasher.


  • There will be 2 tables in the dining room and 2 tables in the guest lounge. They will be 2 metres apart.

  • Each room will have its own numbered table.

  • Most of the breakfast items will be ordered from the table.

  • There will be no shared items such as ketchup bottles or marmalade.

  • Guests are asked to move dirty crockery to the other end of the table, but it will not be removed from the table until the end of breakfast service.

  • We will open windows for ventilation during the meal (weather permitting).

  • After the meal all touch points, such as tables, chairs etc will be wiped with a bleach based cleaner.


Evening Meals and Bar

  • Evening meal choices must be fully ordered at breakfast.

  • Guests will have their evening meal at the same table that they used at breakfast.

  • Guidance for breakfast will also apply to evening meals.

  • Drinks may still be ordered but must be taken with a meal, or in the bedroom.



  • Guests feeling ill on the day of arrival must not check in. Guests must inform us that they will not be arriving before 9pm and the reservation will be modified for a future date.

  • Guests taken ill while staying with us must inform us and follow the most up to date Government guidance. If they have to extend their stay due to being unable to travel home they will be charged the normal tariff. GOV.UK

  • If you are contacted by Test and Trace and told you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID 19, you must RETURN HOME IMMEDIATELY and self isolate following all government guidelines.



  • Payment online would be preferred but card payment will still be available.

  • The card payment will be undertaken with social distancing and all touch points will be wiped with a bleach based cleaner between guests.




Church Services in Lynton


St Mary’s the Virgin, Church of England

Sunday services 11am but times do vary occasionally      

(please ask for details)


United Reformed Church


               11.00 Sunday Service


Catholic Church of the Most Holy Saviour


               11.00 Sunday Mass



There may be other services, please ask if you want more information.


Health and Emergency Services


Lyn Health, Medical and Minor Injuries

Burvill Street, Lynton


Doctors   01598 753226  Open 8.00–18.00   

Minor Injuries 01598 753226

Open 11.00-16.00 everyday including bank holidays

Weekend number 01598 752520


Out of Hours Doctor   111   Emergency ambulance 999


Lynton Pharmacy           Mon-Fri 8.30-13.00 & 14.00-18.30

Lee Road                       (Wed 9.00 – 13.00 & 16.30 - 18.30)

01598 753377                Not open Saturday or Sunday



Non emergency number 101


Emergency number 999